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Edited by James Battersby (2017-current, #93-94)
Steve Edgar (2000-2017, #46-92)
Roy Winsby (1985-2000, #1-45)



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June 2020 (Issue 94 [electronic version only]) of Micro Miscellanea   (PDF download)

Winter 2017 (Issue 93) of Micro Miscellanea

  • Letter from the President (MM)
  • A note from the new Editor (JB)
  • A note from the Treasurer (MG)
  • John Benjamin Dancer and the MMS on the Telly!, Mike Mahon
  • John H Nichols Botanical Staining,
  • An impromptu stem holder, Michael Gilligan
  • A Gallery of images taken with a Zeiss Polarising microscope, Richard L Howey
  • My favourite microscope, Watson System 70 & Hilux, James Battersby
  • Lancashire Science Festival
  • The Reichert Stand III, Brian Wilkinson
  • The Art of the Dry Cell, Nicole Phillips
  • Obituary - Denis Gregory
  • Ernst Abbe, Nicole Phillips

Summer 2016 (Issue 92) of Micro Miscellanea

  • From the Editor
  • Pinnularia alpina (Diatom)
  • Brunel Stereo Microscope BMSZ Epi-illuminator LED conversion - (Michael Gilligan)
  • Dancer's Microphotographic Images of Dr John Dalton FRS - Stanley Warren
  • My favourite slide - Denis Gregory
  • Years of innovation: Carl Zeiss Microscope Objectives 1870-1890 - Bob Nuttall
  • Mimosa pudica and the Human condition - Steve Gill
  • Pints and Plants in Prestwich - Steve Gill & Sandy Baker
  • Pictures: Pond Life, Callicore anna - Maurice Moss
  • Letters to the Editor: JB Microscope - Bob Nuttall

Spring 2016 (Issue 91) of Micro Miscellanea

  • From the Editor
  • Papilio ulysses, the Blue Mountain butterfly - Maurice Moss
  • An example of animal polymorphism (Snails) - Steve Gill & Mike Samworth
  • Maurice Wikins - development of R&J Beck's mirror objectives .. - Bob Nuttall
  • Something of a mythical beast, Watson McArthur Microscope - Michael Gilligan
  • A half century of Beck's London series microscopes - David Henderson
  • My favourite sllde - Mike Samworth

Christmas 2012 (Issue No 81) of Micro Miscellanea

  • Editorial (SE)
  • Obituary: William (Bill) Howard Jones, Tom Green
  • Leopold Hartley Grindon, Steve Gill
  • Slime Moulds Identification, Maurice Moss
  • A Gallery of Spicules, Richard L Howey
  • Reichert Microscopes, David Henderson
  • Silver Staining & Micro Fossils, Richard L Howey
  • Shuuietta annulata
  • Life & Health Insurance (Microscopists Beware), Richard L Howey
  • The Leitz Black Ortholux, David Henderson
  • Jelly Blobs, Maurice Moss

Summer 2012 (Issue No 80) of Micro Miscellanea

  • Lieberkuhn - Some Reflections, Michael Gilligan
  • Two Oak Leaf Galls, Maurice Moss
  • Enteridium lycoperdon, Steve GIill
  • "New Binocular Stereo microscope", Brian Wilkinson
  • The Spider as a Barometer, Michael Gilligan
  • LED Leitz, Steve Edgar
  • Josiah Slugg of Manchester, Steve Gill
  • Marchantia Polymorphia, Steve Gill

Spring 2012 (Issue No 79) of Micro Miscellanea

  • The Shield Bug Diaries, Steve Gill
  • Tale of a Monster, David Henderson
  • Two Classic British Microscopes of the Fifties, David Henderson
  • Buying Chinese Slides, Richard L Howey
  • Negative Pre-Objective Supplementary Lense, Brian Wilkinson
  • Cooke, Troughton & Simms' Instruments, Bob Nuttall
  • The Baker Diagnostic, Steve Edgar
  • A Random Gallery, Richard L Howey

Christmas 2011 (Issue No 78) of Micro Miscellanea

  • Editorial
  • Collimation of an Old Style Olympus Binocular, Colin Kirk
  • Out of the Forest - Gambian Arachnids, Dave Penney
  • Diatoms in a New Light, Denis Gregory
  • Where are you from, the Manchester Moth, Dmitri V Logunov
  • A Polarized Crystal Gallery, Richard L Howey
  • The Evolution of a Petrographic Microscope: the Swift-Dick Stand, Bob Nuttall
  • Denton's Patent ButterflyTablets, Steve Gill
  • Cyrestis nivea - Nymphalidae, Maurice Moss
  • Dancer Dismay, Denis Gregory

Spring 2008 (Issue No 68) of Micro Miscellanea

  • Editorial
  • A Question of CDM, Ron Green
  • Nikon Inverted Research Microscope, Lawrence Bowler
  • Initials on mIcrophotographs - thoughts on J.B., Stanley Warren
  • A small embedding bath, Terence Walsh
  • The Kent & Sussex Report, Lawrence Bowler
  • An unscheduled Gossip Meeting, Terence walsh
  • Trial and Tribulation Part II, S gill


May 2002 (Issue No 52) of Micro Miscellanea

  • Updates from the Editor
  • A look at dielectrophoresis: Lawrence M Bowler, Orpington, Kent
  • It does what it says on the tin (Objectives resolution): Neville N Bradpiece
  • Mystery Diatom
  • The years of recovery - Carl Zeiss Microscopes 1945-60 (pt 3): Bob Nuttall
  • Winter Green: Fred Loxton
  • Micro Gallery: Steve Edgar
  • Next to Godliness(cleaning lenses): Neville N bradpiece
  • The Hybrid (Vicklympus): Neville N Bradpiece
  • Eye to Eye: WG hartley
  • Computerised Microscopy: Peter McBeath
  • Looking into the dark (Numerical Apertures): WG Hartley
  • New Books


January 2002 (Issue No 51)

  • Updates from the Editor
  • Roy Winsby Commemorative Microslide
  • 65 Years On (Beck Microscope Catalogue): Neville N Bradpiece
  • Midlands Quekett/PMS Meeting: Spike Walker
  • Postage Stamps: Roy Winsby
  • Tunicates with salad on the side: Richard L Howey, Wyoming
  • Union Optical Co Ltd Inverted Microscope MiC: Lawrence M Bowler
  • How things have changed (Adverrs over the years): Richard L Howey
  • Some musty old books: Barry Ellam
  • It's all my eye: Neville N Bradpiece
  • A voice from the past: James Battersby, Lancashire


August 2001 (Issue No 50)

  • Updates from the Secretary & Editor
  • West German Zeiss Microscopes (pt 2): Bob Nuttall, Edinburgh
  • Microscopes Described (MIPS, Baker, Prior, Pyser-Brytex, Watson, Leitz, MBS, Beck, CTS, McArthur, Wild): Roy Winsby, Manchester
  • Making your own micro forceps: RL Howey, Wyoming
  • Podophyra, a remarkable ciliate: Mike Samworth
  • Obfuscations and Holow Cones: Neville N Bradpiece, Manchester


May 2001 (Issue No 49)

  • Obituary (Charles J Cook): Roy Winsby, Manchester
  • No Wings, No Legs, No Wheels, So how does it move?(Diatoms): Neville N Bradpiece
  • Microscopy in the Daily Press: Roy Winsby, Manchester
  • A Tribute to Roy & Lilian (Winsby): MMS
  • Micro-Funghi: When & where to find them. (Part 10 December) Thomas Brittain (published 1882)
  • DIY Maintainance - Further Thouhts: Charles J Cook
  • The Years of Recovery - Zeiss Microscopes 1945-60: Bob Nuttall, Edinburgh
  • Photomicrography: Peter McBeath
  • A condenser from my gash box: Neville Bradpiece, Manchester


January 2001 (Issue No 48)

  • DIY Maintainance with Trepidation: Neville Bradpiece
  • A Microscopist's Book Collection: Mike Samworth
  • Micro-Fungi: When and where to find them (Part 9 November) Thomas Brittain (published 1882)
  • More notes on microscopes from the far east: Charles j Cook


August 2000 (Issue No 47)

  • Fluorescence Microscopy: Charles J Cook, Edington Westbury
  • Microscopes from the far east: Roy Winsby, Manchester
  • Olympus CHK2 Microscope: Roy Winsby, Manchester
  • The reason why (fixed condensers): Neville Bradpiece, Manchester
  • A rant about prepared slides: RL Howey, Wyoming
  • Micro-Fungi: When and where to find them (Part 8 October) Thomas Brittain (published 1882)
  • New Paper: The identification of diatoms in river beds: Mike Walton, Middlewich
  • SUPPLEMENT: A Naturalist's Lab in a Coal Bin (14 pages): Prof RL Howey, Wyoming, USA


May 2000 (Issue No 46)

  • Neville N Bradpiece: Micrograph in RMS calendar 2000
  • Culturing and Collecting Micro-organisms safely, Prof RL Howey, Wyoming USA
  • For Amusement Only: Crystals for microscopy. Neville Bradpiece, Manchester
  • Some thoughts on trick illumination: WG Hartley, Seaford
  • Food for Though (and Blackbirds), Tony Smith, Little Hayfield
  • Letters to the Editor: David Sykes (Microscopy Hardware); Charles Cook (Bad Books), WH Ellis (Desmids)
  • Micro-Fungi: When and where to find them (Part 7 September) Thomas Brittain (published 1882)


January 2000 (Issue No 45)

  • Glass (4 page review): Ken Davies, Sale, Cheshire
  • A Strongylocentrotus Drobachiensis by any other name would smell as sweet: Prof RL Howey, Wyoming, USA
  • Boxing Clever: Microscope boces. John Raddon
  • Micro-Fungi: When and where to find them (Part 6 August) Thomas Brittain (published 1882)


August 1999 (Issue No 44)

  • The care of the microscope. Spike Walker, Penkridge
  • Pseudo-microscopes: A cranky Essay. Prof RL Howey, Wyoming, USA
  • Slide label making made easy [Part 2]. Roy Winsby
  • Staining station. Colin J Kirk
  • Changing Fashions. John Raddon
  • Micro-Fungi: when and where to find them. [Part 5 July]  Thomas Brittain (published 1882)


May 1999 (Issue No 43)

  • Foraminifera sand from the Scottish Highlands. Roy Winsby
  • Seascape - A new novel three-dimensional slide. Roy Winsby
  • Obituary - Herbert S Henderson. Roy Winsby
  • Scanning pond samples at high magnifications. Prof WL Howey, Wyoming, USA
  • Quo Vadis? (Wither goest thou?). Neville Bradpiece, Manchester
  • Slide label making made easy. Tom Moore, Peterborough
  • Micro-Fungi: when and where to find them. [Part 4 June]  Thomas Brittain (published 1882)
  • Rings! Tena penny!. Tom Moore, Peterborough
  • Coasters. Roy Winsby
  • Aromatherapy oils for microscopy. Terry Dennett, London

January 1999 (Issue No 42)

  • Beginners -Start here. Max Lovatt, Southam
  • Who counts the pollen. William Ells, Maidstone
  • More Light commentary. Charles J Cook, Westbury
  • Test slide for oil immersion objectives. Gilbert Hartley, Seaford
  • French resin mountant. WE Dickinson, Barnsley
  • Micro-Fungi: when and where to find them. [Part 3 May]  Thomas Brittain (published 1882)
  • Unravelling the mysteries of microscope boxes. C Hammond, Leeds
  • Book Review "The Usborne Complete book of the Microscope" . Brian Singleton, Weybridge
  • Book Review "Microscopical Mounts and Mounters". Roy Winsby
  • Book Revews: Bad Books "The Technique of Photomicrography" & "Photomicrography". Spike Walker, Penkridge.
  • A miniature telescope. Don Bruce, Northiam

August 1998 (Issue No 41)

  • Protozoan Houses. Prof RL Howey, Wyoming, USA
  • A little light commentary. Neville Bradpiece, Manchester
  • Micro-Fungi: when and where to find them. [Part 2 Mar-Apr]  Thomas Brittain (published 1882)
  • Coefficient Jelly. Terry Dennett, London
  • Indian Microwriting. Denis Gregory, Plymouth
  • Zeiss Lenses. John H Birds, Dronfield
  • An aiud to hand picking Foraminifera. Sid Harvey, Weston-super-mare
  • Optics for Wild Microscopes. Bob Nuttall, Glasgow
  • Looking at histology slides. Barry Ellam, Colchester

May 1998 (Issue No 40)

  • Refurbishing Russian MB series Microscopes. Don Bruce, Northiam
  • A method for preserving certain insects and arachnids. Prof Howey, Wyoming, USA
  • The Abbe condenser in a new light. Neville Bradpiece, Manchester
  • Micro-Fungi: when and where to find them. [Part 1 Jan-Feb] Thomas Brittain (published 1882)
  • Erecting the image. WH Hartley, Seaford
  • Information wanted on magic lantern Slides. Denis Gregory
  • A cutter for Rheinberg etc, Discs. Bryan Taylor, Maidstone
  • Microphotograph slides, our equipment etc. Roy Winsby
  • Dog's bay sand. Roy Winsby

           January 1998 (Issue No 39)

  • .Micro Misc 39 2008
  • Numerical aperture and ignotum per ignotius - Neville Bradpiece
  • A note on demonstrating food vacuaoles in ciliates - RL Howey
  • Foraminifera sand - Roy Winsby
  • Beginner's corner- the stereoscopic microscope - Roy Winsby
  • A Watson slide of a lef of a nettle
  • Lakeland microscopes
  • The Russian MBS-10 Stereoscopic microscope
  • Technical and optical equipment
  • Letters to the editor
  • A new atlas of Diatomaceae
  • Does your brain hurt
  • Microscope repair service

August 1997 (Issue No 38)

  • Internet /WWW site for MMS. Mike Mahon, Manchester.
  • Drug Supplier Eats Babies. (Ants) Tom Moore, Peterborough
  • Poroids in the alveloi of Pinnularia. Neville Bradpiece, Manchester
  • Culturing the Freshwater Bryozoan "Plumatella Repens". Prof RL Howey, Wyoming, USA
  • August Kohler. WG Hartley, Seaford
  • A desmid form new to the British Flora - Cosmarium tetrachondrum Lundell forma. WH Ells, Maidstone
  • Equipment of deceased members (part 2) Roy Winsby
  • Lyme Disease
  • How do they do that?
  • Postal Microscopical Society
  • Bookfind. John Raddon
  • Letter to the Editor. Mrs Joan Bingley, Cobham.
  • Bees
  • Practical Microscopy, A Novel Viewer. Pter McBeath, Morpeth
  • Discs. Don Bruce, Northiam

May 1997 (Issue No 37)

  • Microscope Illumination for Beginners. WH Ells, Maidstone.
  • Inexpensive Water-Immersion Microscopy. RL Howey, Wyoming.
  • Murder Most Foul (wasps). Alan Turnock, Crewe
  • Identifying the British Cladocera (Water Fleas). D Walker, Huddersfield.
  • The Metal-Coated Slide - What it is and What it does. NN Bradpiece, Manchester.
  • Meteorites. P McBeath, Morpeth.
  • Ammonites and Jurassic Mud. P McBeath, Morpeth.
  • Obituaries: Ian Claude Fitch, AG Heys.
  • How do they do it? (Tooth-Eye grafts). R Winsby
  • Meetings Organiser
  • Microscope Dealers and Microscope Shops
  • Frogs. R Winsby.
  • The Written Word (slide labelling) J Raddon.
  • Lyme Disease. R Winsby.
  • The Wild M20 Research Microscope. D Bruce, Northiam.
  • The Carl Zeiss Organisation Today. R Winsby.

ISSN 1360-6301 Edited by Roy Winsby

January 1997 (Issue No 36)

  • Supplement: Dancer and the Annual Meeting of the British Association in Manchester. SE Warren, Edinburgh
  • On Dustmites and Gastrotrichs. RL Howey, Wyoming
  • Obituary - Francis St D Rowntree, OBE. 1928-1996. Roy Winsby, Manchester
  • See What I Mean? (on contrast and visibility). NN Bradpiece, Manchester
  • More Thought about Binocular Tubes. Spike Walker, Stafford
  • Some Thoughts on Incident Lighting. WG Hartley, Seaford
  • Shopping for Bits. John Raddon
  • Microscopy 'On Peril on the Sea'. HH Huxley, Cambridge
  • New Treasurer / Meetings Secretary
  • Mechanical stage for the Watson Service Microscope. AW Brooker
  • Rheinberg Illumination
  • Wooton Bassett
  • Parasitic Wasp 'Dinocamopus Coccinellae'. Roy Winsby
  • The Society's Instruments
  • Equipment of Deceased Members
  • How do you Measure Up? (on shearing eyepieces)Don Bruce, Northiam
  • Freshwater Algae - Their Microscopic World Explored. Book Review - Frank Rowntree
  • Microscopists Sales and Wants -January 1997.

ISSN 1360-6301 Edited by Roy Winsby

August 1996 (Issue No 35)

  • Below the Stage
  • Obituary - Robert B Park
  • Acarapis Woodi Rennie - a mite
  • British Testate Rhizopods
  • Darkground etc continued
  • Book Review - Fundamentals of the Fungi
  • Sterescopic Vision
  • Dustmites
  • Rowney's Poster & Watercolour Varnish (Mounting Medium)
  • Ringing Table made from Computer Hard Disk Drive
  • Pseudo-Scorpions
  • Obituary - John Morris McArthur
  • The McArthur Microscope

May 1996 (Issue No 34)

  • Darkground & Rheinberg Revisited
  • Experiemnts with Immersion Oil
  • Refractive Index - A note for the beginner
  • New Books: Exploring with the microscope, Notes on Modern Microscope Manufacturers, Scientific Photomacrography
  • Old Catalogues, manuals, etc
  • Micscape Magazine
  • Books on Foraminefera
  • The CTS M25 Microscope
  • Inflation Values

January 1996 (Issue No 33)

  • The Culpeper Microscope
  • Handy Cell for examining Live Pond Life
  • The Modern Camera Lucida
  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
  • Microscopy in Victorian Times
  • Colour CCTV Video Microscopy
  • Dance of the Honey Bee - Magnetic Field of the Earth
  • Baker Series IV BQ MIcroscope
  • The Widescreen Centre
  • Zeiss Micro Manipulator
  • Diatom Exhibition Slides

August 1995 (Issue No 32)

  • Drawing Through the Microscope
  • Pigmented Protozoa
  • New Lamp for the MBS-9 microscope
  • Wasps at work
  • Public Libraries
  • Contributers to Desmid Literature
  • Specimen collecting in Wyoming
  • The Society's Instruments

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