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Microscopical Trivia Quiz

Try this out along the lines of a Pub Trivia Quiz - read out by the quizmaster and about 1 minute per question. We used this at a recent meeting when our speaker could not attend at the last minute. Maximum 30 marks: - Team A scored 11 and Team B scored 19 ! We then retired to the local hostelry - the Jabez Clegg, drinks bought by the losers!
Can you beat them?

Round 1:     MMS matters        Answers in red

1. In which year was the MMS established?

2. Who was its first President?
Dr John Tatham

3. What is the exact name of the society's newsletter?
Micro Miscellanea

4. What is the address of the society's website?   

5. How many members does the society currently have?

Round 2:    Microscope theory

6. Optical microscopy resolution (r) is determined by the formula
       r = (0.61 x B) / NA
      Where NA is the numerical aperture of the objective. What is B?

7. What is the approximate minimum resolution of an optical microscope in

8. The human eye is most sensitive to which colour of light?

9. Put these objectives in ascending order of image quality?
Planachromat Apochromat Achromat Planapochromat Semi-apochromat

Achromat Semi-apochromat Planachromat Apochromat Planapochromat
(2 marks if all correct)

10. Complete this statement The principal interactions of light with matter are
Reflection, Refraction, Polarisation, Fluorescence, , and .. .
Absorption, Diffraction
(2 marks)

Round 3:    Microscopes

11. What basic types of microscope were used by Hooke and Leeuwenhoek
Compound, Simple
(2 marks)

12. Which companies produced the famous Van Heurck and Edinburgh microscopes
Watson, Watson
(2 marks)

13. Who invented the phase-contrast microscope & when?
Zernike, 1934

14. What is a SEM and a STM?
Scanning electron microscope, Scanning tunnelling microscope
(2 marks)

15. In which year was the Royal Microscopical Society formed?

Round 4:    Miscellaneous

16. Give the full name of Dancer, the Manchester microscopist.
John Benjamin Dancer

17. Who authored the book 'God Bless the Microscope' (1989)
GLE turner

18. What type of microscopy is best used to examine rock sample constituents?

19. Who authored the book 'Single Lens the story of the simple microscope' (1985)
Brian J Ford

20. What is the connection between 'Hogg - The Microscope. Its History,
Construction, and Applications' (1848) . and the current MMS.

Round 5:    Picture Quiz

21. Who produced this microscope?

John Benjamin Dancer
(Courtesy http://www.asiuk.btinternet.co.uk/Dancer/57jbd12.jpg)

22. What is this?

Foraminifera Dogs bay Sand
(Courtesy http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/mag/imgaug98/rwforam2.jpg)

23. Identify.

Blood Smear - Nomarski Interference Optics
(Mike Mahon MMS)

24. Identify


25. Who is this?

Thomas Brittain - 3rd President of MMS

Total:   20-30 Excellent,      10-19 Satisfactory,     0-9 Terrible!

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